Game of Thrones The Iron Throne Life-size Replica
according to Torrent Freak's Top10 List for 2012, <em>Game of Thrones</em> was last year's most pirated US television series - a fact that's hardly surprising considering that this fantasy action/drama based on George R. R. Martin's <em>A Song of Ice and Fire</em> series of fantasy novels wasn't made available

according to Torrent Freak’s Top10 List for 2012, Game of Thrones was last year’s most pirated US television series – a fact that’s hardly surprising considering that this fantasy action/drama based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels wasn’t made available to most parts of the world, but nevertheless, it doesn’t stop it from being crowned as one of the most watched series last year. regardless of which media outlet you are enjoying this epic fantasy production from (honestly, we don’t want to know either), chances are you are an epic fan and if you have like 30 grand to drop, you might want to score yourself one of these exact fiberglass replica of the notoriously intimidating throne to complete your Game of Thrones shrine. seriously, this is about the most iconic item from the whole production as it can gets, and we dare say that no fans can be a complete Game of Thrones geek without one – that’s if you have $30,000 to spare. fabricated by Traction3D, this faithful replica is based on a 3D scan of the actual production set piece and was painstakingly handcrafted by master craftsmen, and received over 26 hours of paint works that gives it the same, exacting and intimidating air. it has every detail you expect from the real deal throne, except that this throne is a little less sharp, making it safer for commoners to seat on. though it is not really meant to be sat on, but more of a collectible. we are sure you are aware of that, don’t you? unfortunately, the The Iron Throne Life-size Replica is, like the show itself, pretty much limited to those residing in the USA.

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PS: if you want a chance own one without spending a dime, Time Warner Cable is offering it a Sweepstakes. more information on the Sweepstakes can be found here, or in the embedded video below.

no dough, or interior real estate for such a massive piece? there’s a scaled replica that’s going at a fraction of the price and also, a fraction of its physical size HERE.