we noted there’s a sudden obsession with weather and air quality among some people. so if you happen to one of them, then you might want to check out the Netatmo Personal Weather Station. don’t worry, you won’t have to install a room full of computers to do the job. the Netatmo Personal Weather Station consists two modules: one indoor unit to measure the CO2 concentration for air quality, and one outdoor module to monitor parameters such as humidity, temperature, as well as barometric pressure. the latter three are the keys that form the basis of your personal weather report. these data are then wirelessly pushed to your free Netatmo Cloud account where you can access them via a free app on your smartphone or tablet, anytime and anywhere, so long as you are connected. in the case of the air quality report, the app will even offer recommendation if the CO2 level gets little overwhelming. as for the outdoor module, it is able to generate a detailed seven days forecast based on the data the module has collected, which should be as accurate as it can be since those data are taken right where you need the weather information. at least, it should be more precise than what you would be getting from a weather app, which be relying on weather stations that are miles away from you. perfect tool for a little foresight into what’s the weather is going to be if you are organizing a picnic or outdoor school fair. the Netatmo Personal Weather Station can be yours for $179. check out a product video after the break, or learn more about Netatmo HERE.

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