like most style-conscious geeks, we lament the fact that today’s audio equipment don’t quite fit those off-the-shelf furniture. gone were the days where consoles or furniture were built around your favorite audio equipment, but that’s not what the British audio equipment maker thinks. they want to change that and for that, they have choose to collaborate with German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen (of The Hansen Family, of course) to deliver the The Hansen Family x Tivoli Audio Furniture Collection. there are currently two furniture in this collection: the Remix Sound Sideboard and the Remix Sound Coffee Table. kicking of the collection is the handmade Remix Sound Sideboard designed for precisely storing separates such as the Tivoli Model series audio system, as well as for accommodating your literatures, or other devices that you may have (less aesthetically-appealing ones can go into the drawers). crafted from a combination of solid wood and MDF, the Remix Sound Sideboard has one of the neatest back we have seen: a seamlessly integrated, openable back panel that offers a secluded hiding place for your clutter of cables.

next in line is the Remix Sound Coffee Table – a minimalistic coffee table that doesn’t really looks like one. it offers an avant-garde take of a coffee table as we know it, while providing a space for your Tivoli Audio Model One Radio or the likes, plus an angled storage shelf below it for your favorite books and magazines. similar to the sideboard, the Remix Sound Coffee Table is also handcrafted from solid wood and MDF. honestly, we are more inclined to call it a side table or companion coffee table than an actual table cos’ we have a hard time figuring out where to place our cup of English Breakfast. then again, that’s just our selfish point of view which does not (and will not) make this piece of furniture any less desirable. both the Remix Sound Sideboard and Remix Sound Coffee Table can be acquired via email communication with The Hansen Family and as for the pricing, expect to be hit with a £1,875 (roughly US$2,838) bill for the The Hansen Family x Tivoli Audio Remix Sound Sideboard, and £290 (around US$440). for The Hansen Family x Tivoli Audio Remix Sound Coffee Table. we know. they are not cheap and so, while you are debating whether to splurge on these beautiful furniture, why not check out some larger images in the gallery below?

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