Devon Works’ watch has a scratch-proof and bullet-proof face

Devon Watch Tread 1 img1 544px
(image credit: Devon Works) Devon Works Tread 1 | US$15,000 |

i have no idea why in the world would we need a bullet-proof watch but here it is, the Devon Works Tread 1 which incorporates a crystal that is born out of polycarbonate that is said to be scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and has a bullet-proof durability. instead of the usual circular movements, Tread 1 has four overlapping belts displaying the timely information driven by four tiny microstep motors.
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constructed out of high-grade stainless steel, only 500 of these fine examples are available and it cost a bank-breaking $15,000. meaning, it is not for the common folks like me. nevertheless, if you have that kind of money to spare, better hurry up if you want to have piece of this time engineering marvel. just a thought: i wonder if ‘wonder woman’ bullet-reflecting wrist cuff was made of the same polycarbonate material?

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