Jellyfish is a graceful creature and when you combine a few of these soft bodied, free-swimming aquatic animals with a purpose-built LED-equipped aquarium, the result is therapeutic like lava lamps. Such is the effect the JellyTank, billed as the ultimate jellyfish aquarium, will do. Unlike other competing tanks, brother Blake and Brock Gratton creation is backed by science with assistance of a nationally accredited aquarium and research laboratory. So, the survival of the jellies you rear in there is pretty much assured.

JellyTank The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

Taking on a water drop design, JellyTank minimizes sharp edges that would harm the jellies and beneath its elegant asesthetic it boast features like true laminar water flow that mimics jellyfish’s natural environment, a powerful integrated technical and biological filtration system to ensure optimal water quality, easy maintenance and cleaning (definitely, rocket scientist qualification not required), remotely controlled LED to get the mood flowing, and a high-grade aquarium acrylic construction that’s both beautiful and robust.

JellyTank The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

If you are keen, you can show Blake and Brock Gratton some love by backing JellyTank’s crowdfunding endeavor on Kickstarter. The duo is aiming to raise $25,000 to get JellyTank into production. As an early bird, you will be able to secure yourself the said tank, less the marine creatures, for $150. For $200-600, you will get the tank and jellies combo. But your pledge will only become a pre-order if the campaign reaches or surpasses the set funding goal, and if it did, you will be looking at May/June 2017 delivery. Go check it out.

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JellyTank The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

Images: Blake & Brock Gratton/JellyTank.

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