will Chrome OS be the next ‘infectious’ thing in the tech industry? probably. now that Toshiba has also hop onboard with the aptly named Toshiba Chromebook, it sure looks like it. but we will wait for laptop giant Lenovo to do so before concluding our statement. anyway, this Toshiba first Chromebook is certainly worthy of a mention; not because it is affordable like the rest of the Chromebooks (except for the Pixel), but because it is the first Chromebook to tout a 13-inch display. for now, it is the only Chromebook that has a 13.3-inch HD display (don’t get too excited, cos’ that would mean a resolution of just 1,366 x 768 pixels), but unlike Acer’s recent offering, it is non-touchscreen. so touchscreen fans might want to take note.

what a Chromebook can do needs little detailing, so lets just skip to the spec sheet. the Toshiba Chromebook is powered by Haswell Intel Celeron processor with 2GB of RAM, and features a 16GB SSD supplemented with 100GB Google Drive storage, two USB 3.0 ports, a full-size HDMI port, security lock slot, a memory card reader, and it of course, comes standard with Bluetooth 4.0 ad dual-band WiFi. all these features are packed into a pretty looking package weighing in at just 3.3 pounds (1.5 kilograms) and a slim 0.8-inch (2 cm) profile. the Toshiba Chromebook will be available starting in February for $279.99. another look after the break.

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Toshiba Chromebook

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