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DELL Introduces New Laptop That Will Survive Classroom Abuses

I have been away from classroom far too long. Even longer from K-12. As it turns out, K-12 isn’t what they used to be. K-12 appears to be too rough for a laptop to survive. And it is with this believe, DELL introduces DELL Latitude 330 Education, along with a few affordable mobile computing solutions, the DELL Chromebooks 3100, 31002-in-1 and 3400 laptops. Lets talk about the Latitude 330 Education first because, I am totally intrigue by its claimed robustness. Continue reading DELL Introduces New Laptop That Will Survive Classroom Abuses

Samsung Brings S-Pen To Its New Chromebooks

This is the latest pair of Chromebooks from Samsung. Being one of the early Chromebook maker, Samsung is certainly no stranger to Chrome OS powered hardware, but the duo announced yesterday is different; they are designed with Google Play in mind which means, in addition to Chrome OS staples, you will be able to experience Android apps on these two devices too. While being a laptop/tablet hybrid isn’t new, it does boast a Chromebook first: a stylus. Now, that’s something refreshing, particularly because it is no ordinary stylus; it is a digitized pen, meaning your S pen experience on Samsung’s smartphones is now available on Chrome OS and this also means you get to enjoy pressure sensitivity when making its 0.7mm pen tip do your bidding. Continue reading Samsung Brings S-Pen To Its New Chromebooks

Google’s 2nd-Gen Chromebook Pixel Boasts Intel Broadwell Processors and USB Type-C Ports

Chromebooks have the reputation of being affordable mobile computing devices, but when the Chromebook Pixel was introduced two years, it was not quite the case. In fact, it was the opposite, costing 3-4 times more over the regular models and not being able to do much more than a regular Chromebook doesn’t quite help to justify its price tag. It was priced at $1,300, which you could easily snag a decent-spec’ed Windows portable. But that doesn’t stop Google from making the offer and while we think it is pricey for a machine that mostly required to be connected to be usable, we were all up for the squarish, sleek design it has to offer. Two years on, Google is back with a second-generation Pixel. Aesthetically, it looks pretty much the same as the first, which is a good thing because we are still digging the clean, minimalistic look. Continue reading Google’s 2nd-Gen Chromebook Pixel Boasts Intel Broadwell Processors and USB Type-C Ports

Google Chromebit Will Turn Any HDMI-equipped Display into a Chrome PC

While its stick-style design may lends it the media stick look, the Google Chromebit is actually a Chrome-powered PC in a stick. It is not exactly as tiny as a typical streaming media dongle, but it is definitely small enough to be unobtrusive. However, in case you do feel that it sticks out like sore thumb on your HDMI-equipped display, it can be swivel around to stay out of sight, or in some cases, swivel away to fit narrow spaces such as behind a wall-mounted TV. Anyways, as said, the Chromebit is essentially a Chrome PC packed into one handy dongle that touts features like Rockchip 3288 SoC, ARM Mali 760 quad-core GPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, a USB 2.0 port, wireless ac support, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a Smart Ready controller. Continue reading Google Chromebit Will Turn Any HDMI-equipped Display into a Chrome PC

What We Have Missed: Day 226, Week 33 Year 2014

Chocolate LEGO by Akihiro Mizuuchi Chocolate LEGO Lets You Have The Bricks And Eat It
who says you can’t have it all? in the case of Japanese artist Akihiro Mizuuchi’s chocolate LEGO, you certainly can have the fun and satisfy your sweet tooth too. the blocks fit together like real LEGO bricks, though it might be a little fragile to handle. obviously, not an official thing, but still awesome. LEARN MORE. [via]

Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros Edition Europe To Get Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS
the view for the Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS is divided. some say it is hideous, some adores it. i, for one, think it is pretty cool. the characters in grey scale against a red background is pretty classy. landing in EU market in October 3 to coincide with the new Smash Bros. release. LEARN MORE.

BlueJewelz Notification Jewelry BlueJewelz Puts Notification Technology Into Real Jewelry
designed with busy ladies in mind, the BlueJewelz features a notification disc that can be use with a variety of BlueJewelz jewelry, which will notify the wearer with a distinct vibration as the notifications arrive. paired via Bluetooth, it will even alert users if they stray too far from their phone. from $119. BUY.

Neptune Pine Smartwatch Big Ass Neptune Pine Smartwatch Now Available For Pre-order
remember that super cool, super big, standalone smartwatch called Neptune Pine. well, they done with crowdfunding and already shipping out the device to the first batch of Kickstarter backers. for those who have missed it, fret not, you can now pre-order yours from Neptune’s website. from $349. BUY.

Swann Security Xtreem QuadForce Video Drone Swann Outs Quadcopter Xtreem QuadForce With HD Videoing Capability
first of the new Xtreem collection, the QuadForce features 4-axis control via 2.4GHz controller, allowing it to fly up to 330 feet and most importantly, it has a color video camera built-in to capture up to 720p HD video and stores on micro SD card. simplest way to get your drone videoing career off the ground. $89.99. BUY.

Acer Chromebook 13 Acer New Chromebook 13 Boasts an Impressive 13 Hours of Battery Life
Chromebook is well known for its lightweight OS with speedy boot up, though never quite for battery life. the Acer Chromebook 13 is about to change that. this NVIDIA Tegra K1 powered laptop has 13 hours to it, enough for you work through from New York to Beijing – if you have any Internet connectivity at all. BUY.

Toshiba Chromebook

will Chrome OS be the next ‘infectious’ thing in the tech industry? probably. now that Toshiba has also hop onboard with the aptly named Toshiba Chromebook, it sure looks like it. but we will wait for laptop giant Lenovo to do so before concluding our statement. anyway, this Toshiba first Chromebook is certainly worthy of a mention; not because it is affordable like the rest of the Chromebooks (except for the Pixel), but because it is the first Chromebook to tout a 13-inch display. for now, it is the only Chromebook that has a 13.3-inch HD display (don’t get too excited, cos’ that would mean a resolution of just 1,366 x 768 pixels), but unlike Acer’s recent offering, it is non-touchscreen. so touchscreen fans might want to take note. Continue reading Toshiba Chromebook

DELL Chromebook 11

DELL has officially hop onto the Chromebook bandwagon, or more specifically, Google for Education bandwagon, with the new DELL Chromebook 11, which is slated to hit the US and the UK markets starting in January 2014 for under $300. there is a catch here though, this affordable non-Windows machine from DELL is aimed squarely at schools and students, and it will be sold through dell.com. like the recently announced Acer C720 (and C720P), this 11-inch class laptop is powered by 4th Generation Intel Celeron 2955U processor and touts a 11.6-inch edge-to-edge glass display with 1366 x 768 resolution, bolstered by Intel HD Graphics. Continue reading DELL Chromebook 11

Acer C720P Chromebook with Multi-touch Display

part of our lives is about touch. we are obsessed with it, perhaps because it proves to be a much more convenient way of getting things done and so why should the “laptop for everyone” be left without this “must-have” feature? of course, not and that’s why there is the Acer C720P Chromebook with Multi-touch Display, a touchscreen version of the C720 introduced a few months back. the C720P joins the Chromebook Pixel, which was introduced earlier this year, as the second touch-enabled Chromebook and one that truly upholds Google’s mantra of Touchscreen Chromebooks for everyone with an extremely affordable price tag of a little under $300. according to Google, over the past year, they have made optimizations to Chrome OS to make touch actions simple and intuitive, and the result will be experienced first-hand by C720P Chromebook owners. Continue reading Acer C720P Chromebook with Multi-touch Display

Acer C720 Chromebook

for those who embrace Cloud computing, the single major benefit would be affordable hardware, made possible by Chrome OS-powered laptops such as this Acer C720 Chromebook. equipped with the latest Haswell processor, a 1.4GHz Intel Celeron 2955U chip, this latest Chromebook from the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer boast up to 8.5 hours of battery life and measures a diminutive 11.34 x 8.03 x 0.75 inches and weighing at just 2.76 lbs, making it a truly portable workhorse, well, as long as connectivity isn’t a issue. it has 11.6-inch display with 1,366 x 768 resolution and comes standard with a VGA camera for web chat, built-in dual band WiFi (supports up to wireless n), Bluetooth 4.0 technology, a full-size HDMI port, two USB ports (one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0), and SD card slot, and 16GB Solid State Drive, supplemented by 100GB Google Drive Cloud Storage, which you get to use for free for two years. Continue reading Acer C720 Chromebook

HP Chromebook 11

though prices of laptops have came down significantly as compared to what they were a couple of years ago, they are still not quite as affordable as some may have anticipated. speaking of affordability, if you eat and breathe Cloud (in particular, Google’s kind of Cloud), then we seriously think Chromebooks such as this HP Chromebook 11 might be worthy of your consideration. powered by Google’s Chrome OS, this machine is lightweight and compact, weighing just a little over 2 pounds (2.3 lbs, or 1.024 kilograms, to be exact) and measuring 297 x 192 x 17.6 millimeters, making it an ease to lug around. Continue reading HP Chromebook 11