Toshiba PX35t All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop PC

it looks like the 4th generation Intel Core processors are sweeping into the market at a pretty quick pace and among them, is this beautiful AIO from Toshiba, dubbed the Toshiba PX35t All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop PC. described by the Japanese maker as a “powerful entertainment hub”, the PX35t is a sleek machine that

Toshiba KIRAbook Laptop

are we really hopeless devotees of super high resolution displays? we suspect so, else why there seem to be a brewing pixel race? in any case, for all pixel junkies, Toshiba has something for you: the Toshiba KIRAbook, an all-new Ultrabook fitted with the firm’s first ultra-high resolution PixelPure display. the display touted a native resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels

Toshiba USB powered mobile monitor is affordable and compact

(image credit: Toshiba US) Toshiba 14-inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor | US$199.00 | USB powered display isn’t the newest news but this compact little item from Toshiba could be a winner by just its price alone. this mobile monitor sports a 14-inch widescreen high definition display with a resolution of 1366 x 768px and …

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