It will be a while before we are able to manipulate hologram objects like Tony Stark or Michael Jennings without wearing a head-mounted display like the HoloLens. But for now, the closest we will get is this: an invention called Digi POS.

Digi POS Non-contact Aerial Display Technology

Billed as the world’s first “non-contact/aerial display technology,” Digi POS is a floating hologram register designed with the point of sale registers in mind. The technology is a result of joint development by six companies, spearheaded by Toshiba Tec.

In an age where most people are conscious about surfaces touched by the public, the Digi POS couldn’t have come at a better time. That and of course, the undeniable super high-tech feel associated with such sci-fi-ish technology.

And so, yes, the Digi POS is not just real tech but it is a tech that has just seen implementation at select 7-eleven stores in Tokyo, Japan, as part of an introductory trial.

Digi POS Non-contact Aerial Display Technology
It looks like she’s touching air but she is actually interacting with a holographic menu.

No words on when Digi POS will see full-on implementation but here’s hoping that the technology will propagate to the rest of the physical stores and around the world.

Seriously, it’s about time, ain’t it? I mean, past novels and movies have described 2015 and beyond as super-futuristic times but 2015 has long passed us, and yet, we are still rolling on wheels. Anywho, skip head for the video of the Digi POS in action.

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Images: Toshiba Tec [JP].

via SoraNews24.

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