Tech You Need To Work From Anywhere

If the past 24 months have taught us anything, it is that we should be prepared to work from anywhere. This article will examine what you need to be able to make the most of the trend towards ongoing remote and hybrid work. The mainstay of what you need is going to be technological, but there are also other aspects of hybrid or remote work that you also need to bear in mind if your venture out of the office is to be successful.

The tech that you will need

Working from anywhere in the world will require:

Internet Connectivity

Working from anywhere is only possible with strong and consistent internet connectivity. Everything that you need to do, even the simplest of tasks such as checking emails, will require the internet. You will thus need a means of always having the internet with you wherever you want to work. This may require remote routers, a Wi-Fi connection, or using a mobile hotspot. It needs to be a reliable connection and one that is reasonably priced, or the financial viability of the hybrid work may be in question.

A Laptop

A PC or laptop – or simply a screen and keyboard – comprise the most basic tech that you will need to be truly remote or hybrid, and you will need to be mobile. However you configure it, you will need to be able to type at speed and join video and audio calls, not to mention review emails and write reports. The laptop is generally the hub of the remote or hybrid office, as it can be taken to and from the office and meetings and easily goes where you go, providing the office at your fingertips.

Mobile Communication

The smartphone is the main means of business and social communication. The smartphone can furthermore be used for any work-related tasks, from supply chain tracking to a means of checking and responding to emails and texts. If you intend to be mobile in any way, you will also need to be able to charge your phone and keep it in good condition. There is no point in having the best mobile office tech in the world and not being able to charge it from your remote work location.

A Virtual Office

Even if you’re working remotely, you will need a business address. Most hybrid workers or those workers who work from anywhere have begun to access professional office addresses that provide a sense of stability and enhance reputation. If this is your decision, make sure that you include a virtual office receptionist as this is a known means of improving professionalism and cementing the business reputation from the very first impression.

Cloud Storage

There is no hybrid or remote business that can function without seamless and professional cloud computing. Access to company and business data must be through the cloud to allow those with the permissions and business need to access and work on any company data that is required and from wherever they are in the world.

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Tax Compliance

This is one of the ancillary aspects of the hybrid business that is quite important, and although not a tech solution, it can be addressed using applications and software that will indeed be tech-dependent. Your tax is an example of the business functions that any enterprise will need to perform, regardless of where employees work from.

The upshot is that, of course, you will need to pay tax somewhere. The secret is to research where the best place for this will be. Many independent contractors or the self-employed will get advice and assistance with their taxes from a professional with the driving premise being to be able to pay the least amount that’s legal in the place that makes the most sense financially.

Change in Mindset and Flexibility

Being able to access the right tech to be able to work from anywhere that you choose to will require a clear understanding of the tech and perhaps a change in mindset. The new way of working is totally different, and there will need to be an acceptance of the changes that come with it. There can be no remote or hybrid work that is micromanaged, and employers and managers need to be able to implicitly trust employees.

Being able to travel and work while you travel is one of the emerging trends from the pandemic; people want to be able to do the things that they want to do with their time and tick off items from their bucket lists. Work that can be done while this is happening in the most desirable type of employment that there will ever be.

The change in mindset is required not just from the employee but also from the employer, who needs to accept that the remote and hybrid work that was done during the pandemic has shown entire workforces exactly what is possible.
The change in mindset, as mentioned above, is actually the driving force for many to improve and adapt to the technology being used to improve the remote or homeworking environment.

Final Remarks

With the rise in hybrid work, there are major changes afoot to be able to establish this form of work as the new normal. There are many arguments, both for and against the changes that are expected in the workplace. Many people are somewhat anxious, while others are embracing this way of work, and the idea has become to indeed try to work from anywhere. It is now possible to be on holiday while still meeting your deadlines, working when and where it suits your body and schedule rather than during office hours, and wearing what you need to be comfortable, rather than to fit in and comply.

The one thing that is certain is that for remote or hybrid work to successfully become the new way of work for employers and employees alike, the basics listed above will be required.

Featured image: Unsplash (Christin Hume).