PlanOn ScanStik Portable Scanner

PlanOn ScanStik
(photos: PlanOn) PlanOn ScanStik | US$159.99 |

equipped with mobile computing devices such as laptop and tablet don’t necessary make a mobile office. it is true that these two devices, coupled with cloud services, can make a world of difference for road warriors but one thing you can be sure of is, you can’t miraculously transform a physical document into a digital copy without the aid of a scanner. we know what you are thinking. no. taking photograph of your documents is totally unprofessional. thanks to the modern wizardry and miniaturization, we have gadgets like the ScanStik from PlanOn for our on-the-go scanning needs. billed as the world’s smallest full page color scanner, this pen-sized scanner can do more than just single line scan, it is totally capable of scanning full page document at 150 to 600 dpi resolution in color or black and white. you know what we are thinking? PlanOn just managed to put a flat-bed scanner that fits into your bag, with a whole lot of space to spare. other features include PlanOn Crystal Line Contact imaging technology, 24-bit color scans, rechargrable lithium-polymer battery, microSD card slot, multi-page scan mode, LED function display, and user selectable resolution (150, 300 or 600) and formats. this $159.99 gadget comes with a leather case for classy storage when not in use, and bundled with two software: ABBYY FineReader SE OCR Software and PaperPort OCR Software. the ScanStik by PlanOn is compatible with both Windows and Mac machines.

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