The Triton 3300/3 Submarine

The Triton 3300/3 Submarine
(photos: Triton) The Triton 3300/3 Submarine | US$PoA |

it will be quite sometime before you hit the gate of the Spaceport America for your out-of-this-world travel. so, from now till then, we assume you are at lost and not really sure what to do with your huge stash of fortune that remains after you have managed to splurge on that insanely expensive travel ticket. how about getting yourself a personal submarine to explore the depth of the ocean? and the sub to do that will be the Triton 3300/3 submarine. as the name hints, it is designed to dive down to 3300 feet (1006 meters) into the deep blue sea and it has a capacity to carry three passengers, so being 3000 feet into the ocean need not to be cold and lonely. this yellow submarine features a transparent spherical dome that measures 2.13 meter in diameter and 16.3 centimeters thick, allowing its passengers to enjoy a spectacular panoramic underwater view. the cabin atmosphere is regulated to the surface pressure regardless of the depth, so that you can dive in and out without feeling any change in pressure. in case you get bored with wandering aimlessly in the far depth of the ocean, you will be glad to know the Triton’s versatility enables it to be equipped with a suite of optional equipment that can adapt your Triton for more meaningful purpose such as marine science research, treasure hunting and the likes. though we don’t know its actual price but there’s a smaller model put up on sale for $2 million. so it’s a no-brainer that’s the 3300/3 is going cost a lot more.

Triton Submarines via Boat International

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