Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Offers Immersive Underwater Experience Down To 330 Feet

As cool as personal submarines are, you can’t share the experience with more than one person. If you are really, really rich and fond of sharing, the Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Submarine should be the sub you want.

Aston Martin Now Has Boats And It Is Also Going Deep With A Submarine Too

OK. We are going to make this quick. Aston Martin is extending its reach beyond land to the water. First, it designed a beautiful boat and then, came a submarine. Yes. You are not hearing things. Aston Martin has gotten itself into a partnership with private sub maker, Triton Submarines, to create a “strictly-limited edition […]

Triton 6600/2 Personal Submarine Can Dive To 6,600 Feet, Cost A Cool $5.5M

Ever wanted to explore the deep underwater world without having to get wet or worry about decompression? Well, now you can – if you have at least $5.5 million to spare. With that amount of money, you can procure the Triton 6600/2 personal submarine which you can take down to 6,600 feet deep, all while […]