As cool as personal submarines are, you can’t share the experience with more than one person. If you are really, really rich and fond of sharing, the Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Submarine should be the sub you want.

OK. I lied. You can’t buy that. The Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Submarine is a tourism sub built for a luxury hotel and resort chain in Vietnam, Vinpearl, which will be making ticketed dives off Hon Tre island in Nha Trang later this year.

Then again, if you have the dough to drop, I don’t see why Triton Submarines won’t oblige. But don’t quote me on that.

Anyways… the Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Submarine is by far the most immersive tourism sub. Up till now, sub tour is nothing more than a boat with glass bottom, or actual submarines with port hole view.

Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Submarine

Meanwhile, DeepView 24 offers panoramic views of the underwater world with a 5.5-inch thick acrylic windows on both sides of the 15.4 meter (50.5 feet) submarine.

In the case of Vinpearl’s DeepView 24, it is designed to accommodate up to 24 passengers, along with a pilot and co-pilot. However, DeepView tourist submarines can be ordered in different lengths to fit anything from 12 to 66 passengers.

Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Submarine

Like all Triton’s subs, DeepView 24 is electric-powered. It rocks two 20 kW main thrusters and four 12.6 kW Vertran thrusters. A bank of lead-acid battery packing 240 kWh provides it with 14 hours of operation.

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The sub is capable of 3 knots (3.5 mph/5.5 km/h) and capable taking dive as deep as 100 meters (330 feet). The sub is outfitted with 20,000 lumen LEDs so passengers can enjoy beauty of the underwater world even in darkness of the depths.

Triton Submarines DeepView 24 Submarine

Images: Triton Submarines.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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