Playmobil has a special place in my heart and so is 80s sci-fi trilogy, Back to the Future. So, naturally, when we saw the new Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean Set, it sets my heart fluttering. Yes. That’s right 70s and 80s babies, it is the DeLorean DMC-12 as Playmobil!

Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean Set

Each set comes with one Marty McFly figure, one fast-talking mad scientist Doc Brown, his pet dog Einstein, along with a bunch of accessories including a skateboard, a camera, a remote control, a walkie-talkie, a case, 3 plutonium rods, and a pantograph. The star of the show is, without doubt, the DeLorean.

The car itself features working lights and opening gull wing doors that reveal an interior with flux capacitor, time travel panel, and the works. The best part about this toy DeLorean Time Machine is, it has flipping wheels, so you can play out the flying DeLorean Time Machine scenes.

Want one? Well, Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean Set is available now on Playmobil web store for $49.99, but if you are wiling, you can pick it up from Amazon for 11% less at $44.73. Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean Set will ship starting May 15, 2020.

All images courtesy of Playmobil.

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