If you think the ICARUS-4 Space Sneaker you see here looks more sci-fi than it is real, well, you are absolutely spot on. As much as we love it to be a real shoes, space kicks or not, it is not. Designed by Denis Agarkov of SUPERLUMINAL, the ICARUS-4 is a concept developed for a CG film.

ICARUS-4 Concept Space Sneaker by Denis Agarkov

What a shame. ICARUS-4 would make for a stunning pair of sneakers, don’t you think? It is sure to turn heads – especially with that disjointed outsole. The outsole is made up of a frontal foam, which is nothing out of the ordinary, and an extraordinary heel portion that is actually a rubber-ball of sort.

The rationale goes beyond absorbing shock; it is also not to damage the hull of a spaceship or space station when the astronaut get onto the exterior for repair or maintenance work. So, yeah, it is really designed with astronauts in mind.

ICARUS-4 Concept Space Sneaker by Denis Agarkov

Speaking of which, the shoe has induction magnets too, allowing it to adhere to the ferrous metal of the hull and thus, the wearer can navigate the exterior untethered. Wait. Can I just say something? Even if it has magnetic system on the should, a tether is a MUST. Come on. That’s risk mitigation 101…

Anyways, also found on the shoes are luminescent markings so operations of the shoe is possible even in complete darkness which space is all about

If you are interested in the details, you are welcome to check out Denis Agarkov’s Behance page for more render of the details.

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Images: Behance (Denis Agarkov).

Source: Yanko Design.

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