Developed by Boeing in Australia for the Royal Australian Air Force, the Boeing Loyal Wingman Unmanned Aircraft Prototype uses artificial intelligence to extend the capabilities of manned and unmanned platforms.

More importantly, it is the first aircraft to be designed, engineered and made in Australian in more than 50 years. It is also the American aerospace company’s biggest investment in an unmanned aircraft outside of the U.S..

Boeing Loyal Wingman Unmanned Aircraft Prototype

This particular example is the first of the three prototypes for the Australia’s Loyal Wingman Advanced Development Program and it will also serve as the foundation of the Boeing Airpower Team System (ATS) that is being developed for the global defense market.

Beyond that, there’s no info on the capabilities of the Boeing Loyal Wingman Unmanned Aircraft. Hey, there’s a reason why the title was “In pictures…”

Boeing Loyal Wingman Unmanned Aircraft Prototype

Images: Boeing.

Hat tip: designboom.

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