Hard Graft Footwear

Hard Graft Footwear
Hard Graft Footwear | £300.00 | www.hardgraft.com

with the increasing popularity of the leather goods turned up by Hard Graft, you are bound to have those fans who love the products so deeply that they wished they could slip their feet into their iPad cases and take it to the streets. well, you don’t need to resort to that cos’ Hard Graft has out its maiden line of footwear that are real wearable shoes and one heck of a good looking line of boots, if we might add. each handcrafted shoes draw its inspiration from vintage kickers and features Hard Graft’s trademark premium vegetable tanned leather with soft calf leather lining, and a leather, wood and rubber sole. a signature wool accent and a little red/white ribbon stick out subtly at the back of the footwear, announcing where the shoes hailed from. as strange as it may sound, they are perhaps the best shoes to go with your favorite Hard Graft MacBook sleeve, iPad bag, wallets and the likes. where do you find in this world a matching shoes with anything but your apparel? none. these are the firsts. as of now, there are six models to choose from: men’s high, low and zip boots in either Hard Graft’s heritage or all grey colorway. you can get your very own Hard Graft Footwear for £300 a pair or about US$476, based on current going rate. some larger views of each model after the break.

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