city of tracks for 1200 Hot Wheels: Chris Burden’s Metropolis

Chris Burden Metropolis II - Kinectic Art overview

(screenshots by mike from Chris Burden Metropolis 2 video)

Hot Wheels toy has come a long way. i used to collect them, specifically the Volkswagen Mini Buses and Drag Buses, and some Red Line series items. naturally, i sprung up straight on my chair and get all excited when i came across this fully-automated tracks that has 1,200 of this tiny die-casts whizzing around in roller coaster ride – over and over again.
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thats awful lot of Hot Wheels in one place, considering the number of die-casts gathered on the tracks are as many as what Hot Wheels has introduced from 2004 up to 2009. asides from the sheer number of die-casts car, the other obvious highlight is the humongous web of tracks. it just makes you go “wow”

this city of tracks, dubbed Metropolis II, is a kinetic art piece created by Californian artist Chris Burden.

check out the video below and check out the noise 1200 Hot Wheels die-casts make. awesome.

Chris Burden Metropolis II
it does resemble a metropolis, just that the vehicles appear to be whizzing pass a lot faster
Chris Burden Metropolis II
Hot Wheels riding up to the top for the ride. it was an awesome sight.
Chris Burden Metropolis II 544px
how often do you see so many Hot Wheels going side by side on tracks?

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