WhiteShark Tini Underwater Scooter Is Modular, Allows Two Units To Be Combined Together For Greater Speed

Scoot in the deep blue sea effortlessly with this super sleek underwater scooter from underwater scooter maker, Sublue, called WhiteShark Tini. While the WhiteShark Tini is powered by a single motor, Sublue said that it has the performance of most dual motors scooters.

Sublue Whiteshark MixPro Is A Fun Underwater Scooter That Costs As Low As $399

Sublue is a Chinese company specializing in recreational underwater equipment and the Sublue Whiteshark MixPro Underwater Scooter is the brand’s latest offering. It is a full-feature personal underwater transport, but it has a sticker that will give its competitors a run for their money.

Amphi Powered Bionic Monofin Pushes You Through Underwater, Handsfree

Here’s a very interesting product, called Amphi, for those who love hitting up the sea. Amphi is a monofin with a built-in thruster that helps to power you through the water. It is not those electric bodyboard or anything like that. It is feet-worn and function much like the pedal assist bicycle, except that Amphi …

The Exosuit by Nuytco Research

the impressive Exosuit from Vancouver-based Nuytco Research you see here is the real life Hydro Armor Iron Man suit aka Deep Submergence Suit. however, it does not have revolutionary propulsion system that will enable it to rocket out of the water and take flight, neither does it have repulsor or rockets, but it is capable of…

Seabreacher Y Killer Whale Submarine

man has long been fascinated by how birds are able to flap their wings to take flight and how the ghost knifefish can cuts through the water so effortlessly. while we can’t actually fly by flapping anything, we can at least dive and roll in the open…