business users who are torn between a tablet and a laptop can now rest their case with the Toshiba Portege Z10t Detachable Ultrabook, the firm’s first Windows 8 device designed for businesses that is both a tablet and an ultrabook. with mobile computers coming from Toshiba, you can be sure that the style department is covered too. don’t believe? just take a look the product images in the gallery after the break and see for yourself. encased in an “ultimate silver” chassis crafted from a high-stiffness resin are features such as Intel Core processors, backed by 4GB of DDR3 RAM, up to 256GB SSD, built-in digitizer for pen input, support for Intel Wireless Display, as well as industry-standard security Trusted Platform Module (or TPM).

despite measuring just 0.49-inch in its tablet form, it still packs a HD front-facing camera, a 3MP rear-facing shooter, a full size SD card slot, USB 3.0 and micro HDMI port, an audio combo jack, and a 11.6-inch Full HD IPS anti-glare touchscreen display with Corning Concore Glass for the added durability. as for the keyboard dock, it is LED backlit and spill resistant and features a touchpad with Windows 8 gesture support and Accupoint. I/Os on the keyboard unit includes a full size HDMI, RGB, LAN, as well as a lone USB 2.0 port. connecting the two together is a sturdy locking hinge mechanism which Toshiba said will ensure the display/tablet unit is securely attached to the keyboard unit. by default the device runs on Windows 8 Pro, though 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 are also supported should you prefer so. the Toshiba Portege Z10t Detachable Ultrabook is available now starting at $1499.

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