GPD P2 Max Is No Bigger Than An iPad mini 4, Staking Claim As The “World’s Smallest Ultrabook”

China-based computer maker who kind of carved a niche in making tiny laptop, AKA ultra mobile PC (UMPC), or basically a netbook is back on Indiegogo peddling its latest tiny laptop called GPD P2 Max. Billed as the world’s smallest ultrabook, the GPD P2 Max is about the size of an iPad mini 4, measuring …

LG’s To Roll Out Super Lightweight Ultra Laptops and First’s Curved All-In-One Desktop PC

Looking for a super lightweight laptop? Well, if you are in the South Korea or some countries in South America, you have a couple of new options coming your way, and that’s the LG Ultra PC Laptops. There are two models in this release, a 14Z950 and a 13Z849, which is a 14-inch and a …

Lenovo Unveils Third-Generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon To Mark 100 Millionth ThinkPad

Can you imagine a company have sold 100 million units of a particular line of laptop? Well, we certainly can’t and that’s how many ThinkPad Lenovo has shipped, btw, which obviously calls for a celebration. To mark this occasion the Chinese PC maker is debuting the latest generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon, which is touted as …

Sony VAIO Red Edition

love the new range of Sony VAIO laptops, but don’t fancy the run-of-the-mill look? well, you are totally in luck cos’ the Japanese consumer electronics giant has announced the Sony VAIO Red Edition, saying that it (the Red Edition) is celebrating the spirit of Sony craftsmanship. whatever the reason is or the reasons are, we are totally mesmerized by the red treatment.

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Hybrid Ultrabook

docking and undocking the display to turn your laptop into a tablet and vice versa may not be exactly the best option. you know how it is like. what if somewhere along the way you need the keyboard, but it was undocked and left at home or office? not good at all. which is why Sony thinks a slider (Sony is calling it “Surf Slider”) may be the way to go.

Sony VAIO Pro 11/13 Ultrabook

the new Sony VAIO Pro 11/13 Ultrabook may not be the thinnest, but they are sure the lightest in the market. sporting a uni-direction carbon fiber construction, the touch-enabled VAIO Pro 11 and touch-enabled VAIO Pro 13 tipped the scale at just 0.870 kg (1.92 pounds) and 1.060 kg (2.34 pounds), respectively (btw, they are lighter than the

Toshiba KIRAbook Laptop

are we really hopeless devotees of super high resolution displays? we suspect so, else why there seem to be a brewing pixel race? in any case, for all pixel junkies, Toshiba has something for you: the Toshiba KIRAbook, an all-new Ultrabook fitted with the firm’s first ultra-high resolution PixelPure display. the display touted a native resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels

Sony VAIO T Series 15 Ultrabook

when it comes to mobile computing with style, there is no doubt Sony is the leader of the pack and naturally, the new Sony VAIO T Series 15 Ultrabook is no exception. first unveiled at the 2013 International CES, the T Series 15 Ultrabook is now live online for purchase with a starting price of $769.99. under the hood of this sleek aluminum chassis laptop