love the new range of Sony VAIO laptops, but don’t fancy the run-of-the-mill look? well, you are totally in luck cos’ the Japanese consumer electronics giant has announced the Sony VAIO Red Edition, saying that it (the Red Edition) is celebrating the spirit of Sony craftsmanship. whatever the reason is or the reasons are, we are totally mesmerized by the red treatment. these special edition laptops – be it the VAIO Duo 13, VAIO Pro 11/13, or the VAIO Fit 14/15 – are offered in “extremely limited” quantities and are only available from Sony online store. to end users, these laptops may just be coated in beautiful, irresistible red, but to the VAIO engineers, it is pure hard work to get the right red hue through experimenting with countless numbers of pigment combinations and painting techniques, and applying them to a variety of materials – all in the name of making them look awesome.

several layers of paint are individually applied and for some materials and hand polished, if needed, thus creating layer over layer of rich, lustrous color. completing the color makeover is a durable protective UV coating, giving the laptops a “vibrant sheen with exquisite depth and richness.” depending on the model, these laptops are offered with up to Intel Core i7 processor, with up to 12GB RAM, and up to 512GB of SSD storage. exquisiteness, almost without fail, comes with equally exquisite prices and in this case, prices for this alluring gadgets start at from £1,318.99 (roughly US$2,060) for the VAIO Pro, £1,908.88 (about US$2,980) for the VAIO Duo 13, while the pricing for the Fit 14/15 remains unannounced. all told, those stickers are around 380 to 580 quids more than the “standard” items’ starting prices, but if you really dig the bold red look, our guess is that you are ready to brace the assault on your wallet, don’t you?

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click through and treat yourself to a few more chic looks, or you can try to justify why you should be paying the premium for the Red Edition via its microsite HERE.

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