what do you need in time of emergencies? for us, our list goes as such: a flashlight for navigating in lowlight condition, a radio to listen in to emergency broadcast (and keeping ourselves sane at the same time), and perhaps, a charger to keep our mobile devices juiced. instead of having separate items to cover the above-mentioned, the Sony Hand-cranked Emergency Radio ICF-B88 is one single device that will have those emergency must-have covered. basics include AM/FM radio, an integrated flashlight, built-in speaker and a headphone jack, built-in battery pack that could also be used to charge up your mobile devices via the USB port, and lastly, it is built to JIS IPX4 standard for resistant against water.

true to its name as an emergency gear, the Sony Hand-cranked Emergency Radio ICF-B88 offers a few ways where you could get its internal battery juiced up; it can be recharged using a regular USB power adapter (like those that came with your smartphone or digital camera), via the integrated hand-crank, or if the sun is upon you, you can leave the ICF-B88 to bathe in the sun and recharge using its solar panel located at the top of the radio. however, if there’s a need, it can also powered by AA batteries too. the Sony Hand-cranked Emergency Radio ICF-B88 is definitely must-have for any home, be it whether you are prepping for the unforeseen circumstances, or just want to lug it with you in your next camp out in the wilderness. available this July, possibly only in the Land of the Rising Sun, for 7,980.00 Yen a pop (that’s about US$84).

Sony [JP] via Geek

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