When it comes to buying a TV, there is no lack of options, and the new Toshiba TV X9900L 4K OLED TV presents you as one of the options if you are in the market for one. Powered by the world-renowned TV maker’s very own REGZA Engine OLED, the Toshiba TV X9900L promised premium audio and visual.

Toshiba TV X9900L 4K OLED TV

The Toshiba TV X9900L [JP] boasts a perfect black and infinite contrast that allows it to render dark and shadowy scenes in “breathtaking perfection.” And then there is the Tru Color that displays pixels in the most brilliant hues of natural colors across a wide spectrum.

The aforementioned infinite contrast is made possible by the display’s OLED self-lit pixels which offer a whopping 1000nits, which is 2x the brightness of a typical TV. Finally, the visual reproduction aspect is further bolstered by dynamic Dolby Vision IQ that adjusts the display brightness to the room lighting conditions.

Toshiba TV X9900L 4K OLED TV

While in some TV, audio is an afterthought, the sound is also the soul of the Toshiba TV X9900L. It promised an all-immersive experience “with rich feature combinations for fine-textured sound”. The TV is outfitted with a Super Advanced Bass Woofer, Dolby Atmos, and front-firing speakers, the Toshiba TV X9900L delivers high-impact, room-filling audio, bolstered by REGZA Power Audio Extreme. The speaker set up on this beautiful, near bezel-less TV is a 3.2.1 Multichannel Audio, btw.

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Toshiba has a limited presence stateside. That said, it is not clear if the Toshiba TV X9900L will be offered in the U.S. The new Toshiba TV X9900L has a list price of 385,000 yen and up (about US$2,871) in Japan. If you read Japanese, you may learn more about the new Toshiba TV X9900L 4K OLED TV HERE [JP].

Toshiba TV X9900L 4K OLED TV

Images: REGZA [JP].

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