there is something peculiarly attractive about mixing natural wood with metal. products with such a mix never fails to grab our attention and that’s probably why the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock by Grove gets our fair share of ogling (maybe a little too long of our attention). based on the firm’s original Dock for iPhone, which by itself is already a pretty piece, the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock takes the style factor up several notches by giving it a walnut and brass makeover. limited to just 175 pieces, each individually serialized, this high-end furniture inspired dock is crafted from solid brass, matched to a hand-sanded Oregon black walnut top. in addition to sharing the same features and functionality as the original, including features like hidden sound channel, rubber bottom and compatibility with a range of iPhone (from 4 and up), this new sexy boasts new and improved cord adapter and is weightier at 3 lbs 5 oz. (about 1.5 kg), which should give it an even sturdier hold down for one-hand docking and undocking. made in the U.S.A, the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock by Grove is available now in exchange for $175 of your monies.

Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock

Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock

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