if have always find it odd why despite having shades like space gray, gold and silver as the choice of colors for iPhone, the stock Apple earbuds are still the plasticky white item, then we think the new Nocs NS500 Aluminum In-Ear Headphones might be your much needed relieve for the awful mismatch. it is intentionally offered in a choice of colors, including space grey, gold, and silver/white to better match your iPhone and iPad. there is also an obligatory black model catering to the users of older iPhone models, such as the black 4/4s and 3GS (yes. they are still alive and kicking!), too. it may be just a pair of affordable earbuds, but Nocs has owe it to themselves to make sure it is one that will have both the look and audio reproduction aspects covered. besides the lure of color match-up with your favorite Apple mobile devices, it is also made like one. the housing are precision CNC machined aluminum, complete with chamfer-cut edge and sandblasted for aesthetic appeal, as well as providing it with scratch resistance property.

as for sound reproduction, each earbud is fitted with a custom 8mm dynamic driver with titanium coated diaphragm that promised to deliver well-tuned mids, pristine highs and natural bass for the best possible listening experience. finally, a 1.2 meter (3.9 feet) Kevlar-Reinforced cables, wrapped in noise-isolating silicon sleeves and punctuated by a three-button remote for music control and taking of calls, completes the package. but the real kicker here is in the price: it has an asking price of just $79.95, which is not much more expensive than the Apple in-ear offering that is still white in color, and plastic. the choice is pretty obvious if style is one of your prime concerns. available for order now with shipping expected to kick off on May 26, 2014.

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Nocs NS500 Aluminum In-Ear Headphones

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