innovation is hardly a term that applies to food, much less pizza, but that’s exactly what Boston Pizza wants to achieve with its Pizza Game Changers campaign. the pizza chain is inviting Canadian fans to vote on their “latest innovations” and the most ‘backed’ innovations will be made. the list of innovations put up includes Pizza Mint, Gas-powered Pizza Cutter (!), Pizza Cheese Clippers (we want this!), Pizza Cake and more. there are a few more ‘regular’ pizza-based items (Pizza Taco, Sriracha Chicken Pizza and stuff) that looks like they would make it to the menu, but oddly, nobody voted on them. we can see where this is going – the weirder it gets, the more ‘backers’ there will be. but hey, we are not judging. speaking of which, if the Canadian pizza lovers have their way, the Pizza Cake might be a reality. at the time of this writing, the Pizza Cake has nearly 5x more votes than the second place Pizza Mint and if that trend continues, it is safe to say it might be reality.

Pizza Game Changer - Pizza Mint

there is a catch though; this is a Canadian-only thing, which means Stateside folks who fancy such pizza oddities can only drool across the border (though you can always travel up north…). but then again, Americans might not be too keen on the flour-wrapped, multistoried pizza anyways. perhaps, the gas-powered pizza cutter will be more appealing – if we can actually bring it home. no? so what’s your (pizza) poison? hit up Pizza Game Changer website to see the full list.

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Pizza Game Changer - Gas-powered Pizza Cutter
Pizza Game Changer - Pizza Pocket

Pizza Game Changers via Sploid

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