L.E.D Portable Charger By id America

portable charger and flashlight combo is not the newest of the new, but if you are in the market for something that offers some ‘flashlight handsfree time’, then perhaps the L.E.D Portable Charger by id America might be a thing for you. packed inside its aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure is a set of Samsung-source, 5,200 mAh capacity lithium-ion battery that is used to power three onboard LED lights with variable brightness and a 5V2A USB port which can be used to juice your portable USB devices including smartphones, digital camera, GPS devices, and tablets. the built-in LEDs’ variable brightness is adjusted through a touch activated control located on the top, allowing you to cycle through three levels of brightness, while offering over 100 hours of lighting duty per charge. however, this isn’t your typical point-and-shine flashlight; it is more like a lamp that could prove extremely useful in emergency situations such such as repairing your bike in the night where you need both hands to work on the vehicle, or it could be a handy camping companion too, allowing you to read at night leaving your hands free to handle the book.

the accessory comes standard with two convenient docks, allowing you to place on at home and one at work, for example, so you can keep the accessory juiced most of the time and lesser worry of being caught in a no-juice situation. additionally, the device also comes with electronic safety assurance. short circuit protection is incorporated into each LED Portable Charger, guarding it against electrical nasties like power surge, overloading et cetera and it is also designed to protect your mobile devices from overcharging. as you might have guessed, the L.E.D Portable Charger is not a reality, but you help bring it to the market by backing up the project on Kickstarter. early backers will be able to ‘pre-order’ one at just $35. if all goes well, the device is expected to ship sometime in May. available in choice of black and silver.

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