taking still pics of yourself aka selfie is no big deal. even if your hands aren’t long enough there, there is always products like Twig Pod Kit to aid in your selfie obsession. however, we can’t say the same for video. a third person, a cameraman, seems like a must for video in such situation, but not if you have the SOLOSHOT 2 Robot Camera. granted that it will not move around like a T800 (that’s will be creepy!), but it will however, track your movement and together with your favorite rig, records you surfing, or zipping across the motocross track from up to 2,000 feet (610 meters) away. the SOLOSHOT 2 is the follow up to the firm’s first auto tracking camera mount introduced last year that’s geared towards prosumers and professional content creators, and as such, it comes with a whole lot of new and enhanced features that will make any one-man video crew grinning from ear to ear. the 2nd generation auto tracking mount now comes with vertical tracking that affords +/- 60-degree at up to 30 degrees per second and it now sports an accessory dock for hardware expansion suitable for use on golf cart and boat mounting, time lapse, touchscreen monitor, and more.

SOLOSHOT 2 Robot Cameraman

another notable improvement is the use of stronger motors that allows for even faster horizontal panning with speed up to 80 degrees per second. the SOLOSHOT 2 is capable of accommodating cameras of up to 5 lbs (2.3 kg), which should have most rigs covered. a USB port is provided for charging, firmware upgrades, providing power and WiFi accessories for connecting to smartphones, tablets and other accessories. there is also a new Barrel mode that allows for continued smooth tracking of surfers even when they are riding deep inside a barreling wave. it also features a camera-specific camera control module that automatically controls the camera’s zoom while tracking and it now supports multiple units that offers a variety of networking modes, so you can form your own army of robotic crew with real crew. you can pre-order now for a special price of $399, which includes a robot cameraman plus a transmitter. additional base and transmitter can be purchased for $249 and $149, respectively. keep going for a product intro video.

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