we are not sure if pooping, photography, and hanging a lantern are the three things every outdoor adventurer would be doing, but if you think these three activities are seriously must-do things, then we suspect you might fancy the Twig Pod Kit. this three-in-one tool is actually a collapsible stick that works as a monopod with ball head mount for steadying your shot or whatever you think a camera can do when it is not in your hands (like executing self portraits, for example), a lantern holder, and as a toilet paper holder. the latter is kind of like a luxury when out in the wild, don’t you think? usually we just hold the roll ourselves (oops! now you know!), but hey if you have a contraption to hold it for you so that you can have full concentration in your ‘business’, why not?

the Twig Pod Kit can be easily collapse down for easy transportation. wow. just imagine this: an accessory that does three things and it is still super compact to carry around. sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it? however, there’s just one catch there: you can only use one function at a time, which means you can’t light up your nature’s outhouse when its dark and have it holding the toilet roll at the same time, much less taking a selfie of yourself pooping (why would you want to do that anyway?!). anyway, the Twig Pod Kit is not a joke. it can be yours to own for just $39. make that $39 x three if you really have to do all three things concurrently (but why???).

Alite Designs Inc. via Gear Patrol

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