“performance eyewear for gamers?” you heard that right. eyewear maker Allure Eyewear has teamed up with Activision to offer very serious gamers a new line of limited edition Call of Duty: Ghosts Eyewear Collection. the collection comprises of Call of Duty: Ghosts Gaming eyewear for improved gaming vision and Call of Duty Sunglasses for times when you actually take a break from slaying virtual enemies and chilling out under the sun (which we think real serious gamers hardly do). the Call of Duty: Ghosts Gaming eyewear features EXT Copper Contrast gaming lenses that is said to “enhanced the impressive graphics and breathtaking visuals featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts.” the curved lenses will help in reducing the distracting peripheral light, which should help to improved focus and attention to game detail. anti-glare coating on the lenses also helps to minimize reflections and therefore, improve screen view. basically, with this gaming eyewear on, you will have one less excuse to make for failing your comrades.

also on the menu is the Call of Duty Sunglasses, featuring EXT Copper Contrast sun lenses for those rare moments where you managed to detach yourself from the PC or game console and under the sun. we suspect only hardcore gamers or real serious Call of Duty fanatics might be getting these if not for its affordable price tags. the Call of Duty Sunglasses has a $34.99 sticker, while the Call of Duty: Ghosts Gaming eyewear cost between $24.99 and $84.99, depending on style. available from October 2013.

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