users of very large screen TV will not be left out of the sound bar rage. Samsung has a new offering, the Samsung AirTrack HW-F850 Wireless Soundbar, that would give 60-inch or larger HDTV the chance to de-clutter its home theater setup. billed as the follow up to its tube-based soundbar announced earlier this year, the F850’s significantly larger physical size allows the sound bar to be stuffed with enough circuitry wizardry to yield a total of 350W with low frequency performance bolster by a wireless subwoofer.

also packed into this sleek metal sound system is a vacuum tube for warmer and richer tones while minimizing ambient noise, 3D Sound Plus for matching the motion and depth of the image on the TV, SoundShare for synchronizing the TV and the AirTrack’s Bluetooth sensor to achieve greater audio clarity without upping the volume, and last but not the least, both Bluetooth connectivity and NFC pairing comes as standard on the F850 Wireless Soundbar.

the Samsung AirTrack HW-F850 Wireless Soundbar is expected to be available in Europe this September, but as to how much it will cost, is still unknown. however, as the island state of Singapore will be retailing it for 1,199 SGD when the HW-F850 hits the store (also) in September.

via Hardwarezone

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