Up till today, home security cameras are plagued by a lingering problem: blindspot. You can address this with more cameras and make the room look like a secured banking facility, or you could go with smanos UFO-shaped Panoramic Smart Home Camera. This futuristic UFO-esque home security camera boasts a HD fisheye lens that enable it to provide three mode of views: a 360-degree birds’ eye view when mounted on the ceiling, an auto-corrected 180-degree panoramic view if affixed on horizontal surface or on the wall, and finally, a regular 90-degree quad view.

smanos UFO-shaped Panoramic Smart Home Camera

Like any good security cameras, smanos UFO is also night vision capable and has built-in motion detection so the device can continue to record with clarity in low light condition and, when connected to your home WiFi, pushes alert to you and your family members if motion is detected. A built-in microphone and speaker allows for a two-way communication between you and say, for example, your pet fido, or to scream at intruders. But seriously, don’t do the latter. A companion app lets you remotely monitor your home environment and take snapshot if desired.

smanos UFO-shaped Panoramic Smart Home Camera

Footage is recorded in 1080p and saved onboard on a microSD card. smanos touts the UFO as a “surveillance-grade” device which can work with or without existing smanos WiFi security system. While the smanos UFO-shaped Panoramic Smart Home Camera is pretty much everything you expect of a home security camera, it does stand out as one that promised to eliminate blindspot associated with traditional home security cameras and that’s something we really dig.

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Granted, there’s no way blindspot can be completely eliminated and even if it can, it will have its cons, such as, for example, you won’t be able to identify faces clearly in birds’ eye view. The panoramic view, on the other hand, seems like an intermediate solution between traditional view and overview. That said, if you are thinking of having all corners of the room covered, we’d say you have use at least two, but that’s only if you are totally obsessed with coverage.

smanos UFO-shaped Panoramic Smart Home Camera is on Indiegogo with flexible goal, which means, your pledge of $149 or more is a pre-order which will be fulfilled sometime in October 2016.

Images courtesy of smanos.

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