Good news, lovers of all things gold who can totally afford it. The growing name in bestowing the midas touch on gadgets, Goldgenie has opened its first luxury retail store in UAE. It is a milestone for the luxe customizer who is best known for elevating ordinary gadgets, or any other objects, really, to the luxury realm with real gold plating and sometimes, even embellished with precious and rare stones for the added bling. It is a huge deal for Goldgenie because some such customizers turned out to be non-existence or simply can’t prove their worth. However, Goldgenie not only proves that it is a real deal, but it can strive too and striving extremely well.

Goldgenie Luxury Store Opens in iMall, UAE

The company has, since its inception, served many high-profile clienteles, including the Middle East Royal courts, international celebrities like Simon Cowell, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Brown, the Beckhams and a string of Oscar and Emmy winners. The store offers wealthy customers who prefer to hit up brick and mortar shop to discuss, in person, their personal requirements with in-store specialist and also get the opportunity to browse a range of midas touched gifts such roses preserved in 24K gold, Gold iMac, Gold racing bike, and various other gadgets luxe up in gold and diamonds.

Of course, it is always good to see the products in person, you know, to witness the quality – especially when you are paying exorbitant amount for them. So, we’d say it is a good idea. And being super rich, I am sure most would be clients wouldn’t mind hopping aboard a plane to Dubai, just to see those products in person. Not surprisingly, the store have since attracted some UAE’s elite, including a rep from Dubai high commission who was there to discuss a personalized order of the new Gold iPhone 7 “with a unique engraving for their corporate gifting initiative.” “Gifting initiative,” eh? We wonder who will be on the receiving end?

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Images courtesy of Goldgenie.

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