Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator

Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator
Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator | £89,999.89 | www.fmcginternational.com

how much would pay for a life-size racing simulator? no wait. don’t answer that. actually we should rephrase that to ‘would you love to have a racing car simulator rig integrated into a life-size Formula 1 race car?’ that sounds better, doesn’t it? now that we got your attention, let’s settle in for some details of this Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator built by FMCG International, a specialists in F1 event management who also happens to build life and half-size simulators for a living. the show car bits consist of a full size Formula 1 race car in your choice of silver, red or black and fitted with virtually everything that you expected of a real deal ride minus the very angry engine, of course. the level of detail is nothing short of astonishing and in fact, we can’t even began to list them all which would take like, forever. some of the highlights of the car itself includes magnesium alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli F1 travel/show tires complete with brake discs coupled with either AP Racing or Brembo calipers, full suspension system with carbon fiber detailing, exhaust pipe in polished finish and a custom made F1-style steering wheel with quick release and force feedback to accurately replicate the real racing experience. as far as the gaming hardware goes, it has everything you need to feel the adrenalin rush, including three 23-inch wide TFT display with super slim bezels mounted on adjustable frame, electronically adjustable high resolution pedals, a 5.1 digital speaker system and at the heart is a custom built Windows PC equipped with Intel Core i7 with 16GB of RAM, Intel Solid State Drive (SSD), high-end graphics card, a 1,200W power supply and a wireless keyboard with integral mouse. so what’s the price for such an awesome rig? the answer is, an equally awesome £89,999.89 (around US$145,000). with such a princely sum, it would includes delivery, set up and erhmm, training. seriously, training on a simulator?

COSTCO via Luxury Launches

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