Boookly Soft Leather Bookcase for iPad mini

Boookly Soft Leather Bookcase for iPad mini
Boookly Soft Leather Bookcase for iPad mini | 88,000.00 Won |

now that the iPad mini is smaller and feels more like a real book, why not grab a book-like case for it? Boookly is a South Korea-based accessories maker and like the DODOcase and many of the bookcase for iPad, their products are totally handmade. this classy book-style case for iPad mini features a frame made out of hard maple wood, a dark brown faux leather exterior, magnetic on/off functionality to wake and put to sleep your iPad mini, access to all ports and buttons and a black elastic band for that added classic book look and feel. it looks pretty but with that beauty comes a price: the Boookly Soft Leather Bookcase for iPad mini will set you back at 88,000 Won or you could snag one off Etsy for US$83. hey, you know what they says? ‘there’s no such things as free lunch’, except some lunch are little more yummy and more pricier than others. also available in other colors and materials but at slightly higher prices. a few more look after the break.

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