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ClamCase Pro iPad mini Keyboard Case

we are sure you have heard of the ClamCase iPad mini Keyboard Case that will transforms your iPad mini into an MacBook Air-like device (launched about a year ago). now meet the latest iteration, simply known as the ClamCase Pro iPad mini Keyboard Case (note the word ‘Pro’) designed for both the original iPad mini, as well as the iPad mini Retina, the ClamCase Pro iPad mini Keyboard Case features the same sleek outlook, in an ultra lightweight package of less than 1.5 lbs, offering protection and laptop-like functionality to your beloved iPad mini. Continue reading ClamCase Pro iPad mini Keyboard Case

Nodus Access Case

wallet-style cases are not new and today’s slew of offerings does require your device to be clicked to a snap case-like contraption or worst, slide your device into a cumbersome leather ‘pocket’ which hinders access and difficult to remove, but with the Nodus Access Case, it uses micro-suction cup technology to adhere the device securely within the case without hindrance posed by the aforementioned. by doing away with traditional snap case holder or pocket, it affords a design that is superbly clean and minimalist, thus resulting in a case with slimmer profile (translation: sleek). the style factor is attributed by the use of the micro-suction cup with allows for the said slim and clean design, which is further accentuated by the fine Italian leather construction. the micro suction also allows you to remove the device swiftly as and when needed, and you can do it many times over without affecting its adhesion property. Continue reading Nodus Access Case

Brickcase For iPad mini by SmallWorks

whether you are a mega LEGO fan, or just tired of facing the same old case everyday, the Brickcase For iPad mini by SmallWorks would be the perfect case to tote around. as an iPad case, it offers a complete, all-round protection for your precious iDevice, along with access to all ports and buttons. touted as the “world’s first LEGO brick compatible case for iPad mini,” the case has a snap-on hard back for nesting your iPad mini and a hinged “edge-to-edge studded baseplate building surface” as the cover. and if you are more incline to other building blocks, you’d be glad to know that this “baseplate” can fit more than just bricks from the Danish toy company; it is also compatible with Kre-O and MegaBloks bricks and elements. Continue reading Brickcase For iPad mini by SmallWorks

DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case

want an iPad case that will make your iPad feel right at home in the urban jungle as well as the great outdoor? then don’t let the DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case slip past you. the purveyor of all-things made in the USA, Ball and Buck has come together with San Francisco-based DODOcase to offer you a unique iPad case featuring signature Ball and Buck 6oz Camo exterior, a leather wrapped spine for a touch of elegance, embossed foil roger in antique gold (we love this subtle touch), a beautiful solid bamboo tray that offers access to all ports and buttons, and top off with a blaze orange lining. only 176 of these fine examples will be offered and the awesome aesthetic is only match by the unrivaled handmade quality of DODOcase. we can safely say that, as personally, i have had three iPad cases for the various generation of iPads and could swear by DODOcase unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Continue reading DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case

Wood Smart Case for iPad Air and iPad mini

just hours after the unveiling of the new iPads, Grove is already offering the Wood Smart Case for both the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display. as with Grove’s tradition, the Wood Smart Case for iPad Air and iPad mini is handcrafted from lightweight (and sustainable) bamboo and sturdy Eastern Hardrock Maple and is designed to work as a smart cover for automatically waking or putting the device to sleep when the cover is opened and closed, and the flexible design of the cover also allows it to double as a stand offering three standing (propping?) positions for your Apple tablets. the frame itself is of maple, while the rad ‘smart cover’ is a product of bamboo with integrated strong rare-earth magnets. Continue reading Wood Smart Case for iPad Air and iPad mini

Airbender Mini Rugged Keyboard Case for iPad mini

the first thing we looked for when read the PR text for the New Trent Airbender Mini Rugged Keyboard Case for iPad mini is the price – simply because it is probably the only ruggedized case that comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, and man, are we in for a surprised, well, in a good way. it cost just $39.90. yes; that’s for a rubberized exterior case to guard against unfortunate drops and along with seals that keep open ports plugged, sealing the device against water splashes. note: it is not submersible, but still, if its good enough to sustain some sudden downpour, it is good enough for us. Continue reading Airbender Mini Rugged Keyboard Case for iPad mini

Web iPad mini Case

this is not exactly the Spider-man kind of web, but if you are looking for a case to hold more than just your iPad mini without appearing too IBM executive-like (you know, folio and stuff), then the Web iPad mini Case may just be a good fit. it may not be immediately apparent, but the back of the case is actually of woven elastic web that could be use for storage of loose items such as business cards, invites and the likes, while the iPad mini gets protection via a snap-on plastic bumper frame. though we have to quantify that this may not be the perfect solution for holding pens like what the creator proposed it could do, due to the obvious risk of scratching. additionally, the web serves as a form of handgrip that could prevent accidental slippage of your precious one while reading. Continue reading Web iPad mini Case

Sport iPad mini Case & Stand by Hard Graft

love the idea of an iPad mini sleeve, but still wanted a stand for it as well? then might want to investigate the Sport iPad mini Case & Stand by Hard Graft further. though named ‘case’, it is essentially a sleeve, crafted in the familiar Hard Graft leather and wool felt combo. handcrafted in Italy, the Sport iPad mini Case & Stand by Hard Graft features a sumptuous 100 percent wool felt that sees to the protection of your iPad mini when nested inside, while a contrasting flap made out of premium vegetable tanned Italian leather, along with four uber strong metal snaps with black leather strip supports, keeps the mini from falling out. the addition of the metal snaps gives the case a touch of rustic appeal, which is a nice touch. the brown leather opening flap with its black leather supported metal snaps also doubles as the base of the stand. speaking of which, the Sport iPad mini Case & Stand can be rolled into a sturdy stand that supports your iPad mini in both portrait and landscape orientation for a comfortable viewing angle or typing position. Continue reading Sport iPad mini Case & Stand by Hard Graft

Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini

Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini
Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini | US$69.99 | www.twelvesouth.com

despite what people said (mainly not so favorable stuff) about the iPad mini, we think it is the perfect size for ebook and magazine (plus, surfing the Net and things) and hence, it is only natural that we thought a case that mimics a book would be fitting for this little wonder. if having a vintage book-look is what you dig, then the new BookBook for iPad mini from Twelve South is what you need. like the BookBook for the rest of the Apple devices, the BookBook for iPad mini is crafted with genuine hand-distressed leather so no two will be exactly alike. Continue reading Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini

Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case

Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case
Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case | £65.00 | www.hardgraft.com

we found it totally pointless in rounding up ‘the best iPad mini case’ as we found ourselves finding new noteworthy example every other day. one such beautiful example is this one from Hard Graft, dubbed the Tab iPad mini Case. the Tab case (don’t be confused with Galaxy Tab) features a clever design fused with stylish aesthetic which by now, Hard Graft has been known of. there’s nothing magical about it but a pure and simple sleeve for your iPad mini in Hard Graft’s usual mix of hand selected vegetable tanned Italian leather and 100% wool felt hailed from Germany. Continue reading Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case