Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini

Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini
Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini | US$69.99 |

despite what people said (mainly not so favorable stuff) about the iPad mini, we think it is the perfect size for ebook and magazine (plus, surfing the Net and things) and hence, it is only natural that we thought a case that mimics a book would be fitting for this little wonder. if having a vintage book-look is what you dig, then the new BookBook for iPad mini from Twelve South is what you need. like the BookBook for the rest of the Apple devices, the BookBook for iPad mini is crafted with genuine hand-distressed leather so no two will be exactly alike. that’s one up for the individualist in you. its hardback book covers and rigid spine offers impact and crush protection for your precious mini and a soft, sueded lining on inside ensures that your mini will stay scratch-free while nested within. the BookBook for iPad mini features an interior support frame with an integrated kickstand suitable for angling your iPad mini for typing or browsing the web on a desk. and that’s not all. the case also doubles as viewing stand where its viewing angle can be adjusted to your liking for watching movies or photo slide shows. and like all other Twelve South BookBook cases, this book-like case also makes your iPad mini less conspicuous to potential criminal minds and with its small form factor, it is more convincing (as a book) than ever. the BookBook for iPad mini available now in three awesome styles for $69.99 a pop. click through for a few more look.

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