If the mechanical spider Bluetooth speaker appeals to you, then I am pretty darn sure the Zoeao GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker will too. Looking like an alien invader, GravaStar is just about as conversational as a Bluetooth speaker can get. The reason cannot be more obvious. Just look at this little guy. With large big torso/head, three spider-like lower limbs, and glowing green hue, it’d look like the alien invader vehicle from War of the Worlds (2005, Paramount Pictures) if not for the lack of height. GravaStar is NOT just about looks; it has performance too.

Zoeao GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker

Under the hood, it boasts a suite of audio circuity/wizardry, including a 20W 70 mm (2.76-inch) full-range driver with spherical diaphragm, a polypropylene composite bass driver and a metal magnetic core, high-quality DAC, and Kalimba DSP. As far as wireless audio streaming goes, it has the latest in Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 5.0 that supports up to 20 meters (66 feet) of wireless connection and has BLE that supports wireless headphones.

Zoeao GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker

On the visual front, vibration of the amplifier and light will compose different light and shadow effects for an emotive music enjoyment experience and then there’s a thing known as “seismic design” that counteract the resonance from the metal shell and externalities. Other highlights include a zinc alloy shell (just like what we expect from an alien robot), a high-tech touch volume control, and an onboard battery that offers 30 hours of playtime in between charges. The only thing missing is the ability stroll around your compound. If it can do that, it will be super cool.

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Zoeao has taken GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker to Indiegogo where it has gained quite some serious traction. At the time of this writing, it has attracted nearly 550 backers who have contributed almost $100K in funding, surpassing its goal by 969 percent. And guess what? It has 25 more days to go. Insane. That said, if you are keen, you may want to consider picking a unit by pre-ordering it for $125-199. But be warned that the special price of $125 has only 18 units left.

Zoeao GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker

Images: Zoeao.

Hat tip: The Next Web.

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