we are sure you have heard of the ClamCase iPad mini Keyboard Case that will transforms your iPad mini into an MacBook Air-like device (launched about a year ago). now meet the latest iteration, simply known as the ClamCase Pro iPad mini Keyboard Case (note the word ‘Pro’) designed for both the original iPad mini, as well as the iPad mini Retina, the ClamCase Pro iPad mini Keyboard Case features the same sleek outlook, in an ultra lightweight package of less than 1.5 lbs, offering protection and laptop-like functionality to your beloved iPad mini.

features include an enhanced soft-touch 360-DEG hinge for switching between laptop, tablet and stand, a hard polycarbonate and aluminum construction for all-round protection and eye-pleasing aesthetic, a full QWERTY keyboard with redesigned layout, auto sleep mode when in tablet mode (wakes up when switched to laptop mode), a built-in rechargeable battery offers months of usage on a single charge, and one-touch easy pair for a hassle-free sync with your iPad mini.

if you fancy a device that looks like a shrunken down MacBook Air, the ClamCase Pro iPad mini Keyboard Case is the way to go, but be warned, it will set you back a cool $129 a pop, available now via ClamCase web store. definitely a price not for the fainthearted.

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