we are all familiar with what Google Glass is, but the innovative Mountain View folks wants to do more than just augmented reality stuff; it want the lens to get more intimate with eyes and with good intentions. meet the Google Smart Contact Lens, a two-layer soft contact lens rigged with tiny wireless chip and a miniature glucose sensor in between that will constantly measure the glucose levels in the wearer’s tears, thereby helping diabetic patients to better manage their disease. glucose level is single most important parameter in a patient’s body that could have dire consequences if not managed probably and so with a real-time glucose tracking device like the Google Smart Contact Lens, it will allow round-the-clock monitoring and allows the wearer to react to the changes accordingly, and doing so without ever have to prick the fingers for blood and taking time off from his or her work.

but the monitoring will only be as useful if the wearer is informed of the result in that instant, and hence the talk about incorporation of LEDs within the contact lens that will alert the wearer when the glucose levels goes above or below certain thresholds. as you can imagined, the product is still in its infancy and it would be sometime away until the Google Smart Contact Lens becomes a reality, but it is still an exciting development nonetheless. and who knows, if that goes well, the technology might be expanded to go beyond healthcare applications. well, just maybe.

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Google via Inhabitat

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