you don’t need to be a fighter pilot to appreciate this ejector seat, now given a lease of life by UK-based Hanger 54 as the Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat Bar Stool. at this point, we think no man would reject the idea of a seat, bar stool or not, crafted from real ejection seat and in this case, one that was salvaged from decommissioned RAF Panavia Tornadoes (yes. Tornado. any avid aviation enthusiasts would fondly remember this piece of classic!). it was stripped down, given a premium leather upholstery which fighter pilots could only envy and the parts and components are hand-polished to give it a beautiful, but non-tactical mirror finish to suit its new found use.

apart from the aforementioned, details are unknown about this beautiful example, but from what we can see from the images (which can find in the gallery after the break), most parts of the original chair has been retained (including the seat’s nameplate), sans the propulsion and the associated baggage like the ejector trigger, head support and stuff. nevertheless, the form of a fighter jet seat is unmistakable and it has, of course, a foot support essential for duty as a bar stool. if you fit the requisite (i.e. have the money to drop), you can order yours from Hanger 54 for a cool £8,160 or about US$13,400 each.

some words of advised though: there are only three available at this point, so if you fancy a proper bar setup that comprises of more than just one bar stool, you better act fast, or more are needed, you would have to touch base with Hanger 64 – keeping in mind that each piece is going for over 13 grand, and excluding freight.

via Geekologie via Luxury Insider

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