SkySaver HighRise Rescue Device

We would imagine getting trap in a burning high-rise building is as helpless as getting trap in a failing aircraft. While commercial entities are exploring ways to save souls in the sky, an Israeli company has developed a rescue device that could help those who are trapped in burning tall buildings where no safer exit is available and it is calling it SkySaver. At a glance, one may mistaken SkySaver for a parachute system, but of course, it is not. Though it is worn much in the same way as a parachute with similar securing points, this backpack actually contains a mechanism that will safely lower the wearer to the ground floor during an emergency. The system requires a certified company to install an anchor point above a chosen exit, such as a window.

SkySaver HighRise Rescue Device

In an event of emergency, the user will don SkySaver, clip the carabiner at the end of the integrated cable to the pre-installed anchor point and climb out of the window to make the descend. The device features a Controlled Descent Device that automatically unwound a fire resistant galvanized steel cable at a rate of 6 feet (1.8 meters) per second and is capable of supporting a person weighing between 66 lbs and 300 lbs (29-136 kg). Unfortunately, at this point, children weighing under 66 lbs are not able to use this device, though a version for kids is apparently in the works. The idea of descending device for high-rise isn’t new. Concepts were pitched before and there’s at least one in existence in the market, but rather than pitching to commercial buildings only, it looks like SkySaver is for everyone and any high-rise homes.

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A device like such has the potential to save lives, but it is designed with best scenario in mind. Meaning, if a person were to be trapped above a burning level, descending down may expose him or her to spewing fire and flying glass shards, and when past that, he or she may yet be subjected to falling debris and such, and that’s not to mention desperate trapped people may try to snatch the device from you to make the escape themselves. High winds could also hinder the use of the device as escapees may be flung around like rag dolls if the area have usually strong gusts. In addition, it is a one-time use device, well, at least not until it is being professionally wind back. This means it can’t be rolled back to the top to bring the next person down.

Clearly, SkySaver HighRise Rescue Device is designed as personal life saving equipment and from the way we see it, it is meant for homes more than it is for commercial high-rise. The latter wouldn’t be all that practical as the company or building owner will have to stock hundreds or even thousands of such device since these buildings usually have that many occupants.

Anywho, if you are a high-rise home owner and wish to provide your home with an alternative escape to the usual fire ladder, the good news is, SkySaver HighRise Rescue Device is actually available for purchase now for $899-$999, depending the length of the system.

via Gizmag