This is a collaboration that never imagined seeing. What you see here is a collab between Brooklyn-based, American art collective MSCHF and power tools maker Dremel. Yes. That Dremel. We all know that Dremel is a forward-thinking power tools company that embraces technologies like laser cutting and 3D printing but not in a million years I would imagine it would have a pair of kicks.

MSCHF Gobstomper Dremel Edition Sneakers

But here it is, the MSCHF Gobstomper Dremel Edition Sneakers. And it isn’t just slapping Dremel’s name on a pair of Gobstomper. You have to roll up your sleeves and get down to work to reveal the exclusive Dremel design. That is where the included Dremel 4000 rotary power tool comes in.

Out of the box, the white kicks with black and blue accents have discreet Dremel branding on the tongue – both inside and outside and MSCHF branding on the outsole’s wall.

Every part of the Dremel cobranded Gobstomper is made of 4 layers of colored material, from the tongue to the upper to the sole, which will reveal themselves as the shoe wears down. Waiting for it to naturally wear down will take forever – if it will even wear down.

MSCHF Gobstomper Dremel Edition Sneakers

This is where the Dremel 4000 rotary tool and accessories come in. The tool and the toolhead let you distress the shoes at your own discretion. MSCHF and Dremel leave it to your own devices as to how much you want to sand off so you’d be able to create a pair with a design that’s unique.

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Interestingly, the MSCHF Gobstomper Dremel Edition Sneakers are presented in a toolbox with the kicks packed inside with its dedicated placeholder, alongside the Dremel power tool, and accessories. Also included are extra sanding attachments.

The MSCHF Gobstomper Dremel Edition Sneakers will sell for US$350 when they become available. However, we have no idea when it will be available.

MSCHF Gobstomper Dremel Edition Sneakers
MSCHF Gobstomper Dremel Edition Sneakers

Images: MSCHF.

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