whether you are a mega LEGO fan, or just tired of facing the same old case everyday, the Brickcase For iPad mini by SmallWorks would be the perfect case to tote around. as an iPad case, it offers a complete, all-round protection for your precious iDevice, along with access to all ports and buttons. touted as the “world’s first LEGO brick compatible case for iPad mini,” the case has a snap-on hard back for nesting your iPad mini and a hinged “edge-to-edge studded baseplate building surface” as the cover. and if you are more incline to other building blocks, you’d be glad to know that this “baseplate” can fit more than just bricks from the Danish toy company; it is also compatible with Kre-O and MegaBloks bricks and elements.

other details include a carefully thought out cover with an underside lined with soft microfiber to keep your precious device’s display scratch-free while covered and built-in magnets help keep the cover closed and activate your iPad mini’s sleep/wake function. made of polycarbonate and polyurethane, the cover can be folded all the way back to enable one-handed operation (well, that’s if your hand is of gorilla-size like mine). with the studs there, you are free to unleash your LEGO (or Kre-O or MegaBloks) creativity and pimp up your the cover as you see fit, and when you get bored with a particular design, all you have to do is think of a fresh idea and start all over again, and reward yourself with a “brand new look” iPad mini cover – all without actually switching out to another case. with such an open-ended creativity cover, i seriously doubt anyone would get bored with the Brickcase For iPad mini.

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available in blue, as well as red and green. in case you are wondering, the baseplate actually offers a generous 16 x 24 stud area for any brick-based objects you can dream up of. give it a miniature Titanic, or stick up some Harry Porter characters on it, if that’s you cuppa. basically, just anything. anything at all. you can grab yours off Amazon for $39.99 a pop. available for original iPad mini; iPad mini with Retina Display is in the works.

SmallWorks via The Gadgeteer

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