there are a handful of companies out there that promised to let you access your home with your smartphone, but Danish company Poly-Control’s Danalock beats this small group of competition and became the first firm to take this concept out of the prototype stage and into the market, ready for your taking. and to our surprised, the Danalock Smart Lock isn’t expensive at all; it can be yours today for $99 and up. like many of the smart lock we see before, Danalock fits onto existing deadbolts and mortise locks without the need for wiring or whatsoever. while most manufacturers either tout flexibility of integration with existing home automation systems through Z-Wave, or instant use via Bluetooth Smart, Danalock is the only smart lock to offered both in a single hardware.

but Poly-Control is not about to lock you in with both technologies if you don’t need both and hence, it is offering three versions of the Danalock: a Bluetooth Smart model, a Z-Wave model, as well as a model that has both technologies incorporated in it and it is available in two aesthetically-pleasing design, Danalock Square and Dana Circle (as pictured below). with the Danalock, access and control of access will be through an app on your smartphone and the same app also allows you to grant and revoke access, either manually or with a preset time frame, to friends, family, contractors, or babysitters. a log system keeps you in the know of who accessed your home, when and the duration of access. it can also be set to detect your presence (with the aid of your smartphone, of course) and automatically unlock the door as your approaches the door and automatically lock it after you have entered.

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additionally, the system does not rely on home power and therefore, access to your home will not be a problem even if there is a power outage and if all else fails, you’d be glad to know that you can still access to your pad with physical keys. the Danalock Smart Lock is available and starts shipping today.

Danalock Smart Lock

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