Apparently, Swedish folks take sleeping very seriously. If I can be perfectly frank, I am with the Swedish on that, but hell no am I going to be burdened by a $390,000 Grand Vividus Mattress. Three. Hundred. Ninety. Thousand. For. A. Mattress. Imagine that! I wouldn’t even pay $3,900 for mattress, let alone one that I would have to sell my soul for.

Grand Vividus Mattress by Hästens and Ferris Rafauli

At nearly $400K, it’d better come with the house, or an apartment at least. Alas, it does not (come with house). Seriously, this is reserved not just for rich. It is for people who are way, way beyond super rich.

Perhaps, people like, you know, Drake whose net worth is currently at $170 million. The 50,000 square-foot manor house of the Canadian rapper/singer/songwriter in Toronto was featured on April’s Architectural Digest magazine (you can read on the online version HERE) and apparently, all eyes were on that one mattress.

Anyways, so how in the world a single mattress cost this much? Well, apparently, it is a bespoke, hand-made item with only 12 produced each year. And then there are other touches like swanky brass hardware, shagreen leather corners, lots of horse hair and more springs, and each mattress requires twice as long to make – 600 hours as opposed to 300 for the brand’s Vividus Classic (which also not cheap, btw).

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So, now you know where to pick up a mattress that will give the feeling of floating when lying on it when you have $400K to spare. But not this year cos’ apparently, all 12 have been spoken for.

Images: Hästens Ltd..

Source: Oddity Central via Twitter (@IAMNERDIShare).

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