trying to pare down the content of our wallets is next to impossible, but when we really think about it, all we need is some cards, a few bills, and a few miscellaneous stuff like memory cards, or perhaps a couple unsigned check for those just-in-case situations. and since some of us also have the iPhone to take care of, we thought an iPhone 5 Leather Wallet by JooJoobs could be the answer to your wallet-trimming endeavor. since it is crafted from leather it is guaranteed to be on the classy side, and the distressed leather just some bits of rustic charm to it (read: classy and rugged, which is the way we like it). within this stitched leather wallet are three slots for credit cards, one pocket for the iPhone, one sleeve for cash, plus a bonus sleeve for other miscellaneous stuff.

the fact that the leather is distressed means that each iPhone 5 Leather Wallet by JooJoobs is unique which kind of satisfies your need for individuality. it might not be the best (anyway, ‘best’ is always debatable), but as far as our books are concerned, it is one of the best looking one out in the market right now and at just $39, we can considered this JooJoobs item as quite a bargain. it is a fact, cos’ some cases easily cost more than forty bucks. if you need more convincing, there are a few more product images in the gallery below for some “visual persuasion.” check it out.

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