Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case

Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case
Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case | £65.00 | www.hardgraft.com

we found it totally pointless in rounding up ‘the best iPad mini case’ as we found ourselves finding new noteworthy example every other day. one such beautiful example is this one from Hard Graft, dubbed the Tab iPad mini Case. the Tab case (don’t be confused with Galaxy Tab) features a clever design fused with stylish aesthetic which by now, Hard Graft has been known of. there’s nothing magical about it but a pure and simple sleeve for your iPad mini in Hard Graft’s usual mix of hand selected vegetable tanned Italian leather and 100% wool felt hailed from Germany. the latter’s fibers are specially custom dyed for Hard Graft and is carefully blended and compressed for a consistent appearance. apart from looking good, this beautiful wool felt also has water repellant and shock absorbing properties too. additionally, the Tab features a clever leather strip that has three functions: first, it acts as an easy access pull tab; second as a footing for your iPad mini me when used as a stand for typing; and third, it is also a closure to hold your precious securely inside the sleeve. pretty impressive. however, like all quality objects, the Hard Graft Tab iPad mini Case ain’t cheap. so, expect to shell out £65 (roughly US$100) for one of these. while your brain is deliberating hard over whether to splurge on one, why not scroll down for a few more imageries to convince yourself of its worth?

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